Data Ethics Decision Aid (DEDA)

Data Ethics Decision Aid (DEDA)

DEDA helps data analysts, project managers and policy makers to recognize ethical issues in data projects, data management and data policies.

Developed in close cooperation with data analysts from the City of Utrecht, DEDA is a tool-kit facilitating initial brainstorming sessions to map ethical issues in data projects, documenting the deliberation process and furthering accountability towards the various stakeholders and the public.

DEDA consists of a worksheet for brainstorming sessions, an interactive questionnaire and a manual. All tools are published by the Data School of the Utrecht University.


  • A tool-kit for deliberation and documentation
  • Developed in the field (in cooperation with practitioners)
  • Designed for users


  • Fosters accountability
  • Educates users
  • Communicates problems
  • Supports project management

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